5100 W. Main

Parsons, KS


Westside Christian Church

Adopt A Kid Christmas Program

                                                           On Wednesday Dec 12 We                                                          will be having a Christmas 

                                                         Meal for the children who

                                                         attend W@W. Each child

                                                         has a different background and story, some of them pretty rough. To help make their Christmas a special one we would like adults from our congregation to chose a child to buy one gift valued around $10. Please pray for the child you choose and write an encouraging note and a scripture. If you know them personally a short letter would be fantastic. The gifts would need to be brought in by Sunday December 9th so that they will be available the following Wednesday. Thank-you for all the love and support.

Upcoming Events

Nov 11th @ 12pm - Thanksgiving Potluck

Dec 12th @ 5pm - Christmas Party for the Kids of W@W Followed by Caroling and Hot Chocolate for everyone!

Dec 16th @ 6pm - Christmas Dinner and program